The Optimus Project

OPTIMUS is an ethereum based blockchain project, made to honour Elon Musk and Tesla's latest innovation and venture, the Optimus robot humanoid (AKA the 'Tesla AI Bot'). The project is built on three key pillars: an iconic, futuristic meme, a decentralised venture fund investing in emerging AI projects, and a suite of best-in-class AI bots or tools.

$OPTI, the native token, was 100% fair launch with no pre-sale of any kind:
• Total Supply: 100M Tokens
• Taxes: 2% Buy / 2% Sell for OVF, Marketing and CEX

At present, the project is not directly affiliated with Elon Musk or Tesla Inc.

Tesla's Optimus Bot

Elon Musk has said that Tesla’s robot business will be worth more than the car business. Debuted at AI Day in 2022, Optimus is a fully functional humanoid robot that will be programmed to do tasks that both humans can and cannot do. It is likely to go into production late 2023.As many have seen with Elon’s business ventures, he will be fully supportive of it and promote it on all his major channels.

There is an official Tesla Optimus Twitter page that has not even started tweeting yet, and is expected to develop a rapport with Elon soon. The Optimus project was launched on the very same day this Twitter was created.


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Optimus Visions Fund

The Optimus project is here to push the future of AI and innovation in every way possible. We have an active vision fund of over $200,000 designated to make investments in any web3 project that the advisory board thinks is worthy. The proceeds of these investments help grow the project and reward our holders.

Learn more about the vision fund in our Official Lite Paper.

The Community Vault

Enter the community vault below to lock your tokens for certain time periods. Locked tokens are eligible to win prizes, earn community tags, private access and more: